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The following comments are a sampling of statements received from patient family members that have used the services of Hospice in His Care. The copy is taken from Thank You Cards received from patient family members and their comments from Hospice Satisfaction Surveys that ask the question - “What most impressed you about the hospice/service (from HIHC)?”

“Everyone on your staff was well informed on my Mom’s needs.” - Victor N. - 9-17-13

“Our experience could not have been better. The care and services provided to my Dad were beyond our expectations.” - Brenda K. - 9-22-13

“The sincere concern shown by the nurse for our whole family - not just the patient.” - Karen R. - 2-1-14

“How can you improve perfection? Everyone was so nice and helpful.” - Mary M. 2-1-14

“The compassion of your entire staff...everyone was very brought comfort to Dad & the family.” - Ken K. 2-2-14

“The staff were friendly and treated you like they were a member of your family.” - Cindy S. - 2-2-14

“Everyone was so nice about the service they gave my father.” - Linda H. - 2-3-14

“It was wonderful to have the staff work with us to manage care.” - J. G. - 2-4-14

“Everyone was absolutely wonderful - I have absolutely no complaints.” - Orine W. - 2-12-14

“The friendly way everyone treated us.” - Edgar M. - 2-24-14

“The professionalism of the staff.” - Doris D. - 2-25-14

“Attention to details.” - Elmo M. - 2-26-14

“You were great. The kindness showed Mom and me - the communication was awesome. - Sharon N. - 3-18-14

“I am so appreciative of the entire staff, from the guys who answered phone calls to the top.” - Betty B. - 3-20-14

“Thank you for the wonderful care and love that was given.” - Melanie and Gary S. - 5-20-14

“Someone was always there when care was needed. Lots of love shown. Could not have asked for more.” - Joyce H. 5-30-14

“The personal care given to my mother and me…she was seen as a person and not just another patient.” - Joyce M. - 6-20-14

“The staff was helpful and kept me informed.” - Gregory R. - 1-30-15

“I was very satisfied with the services provided…thank you to all of the individuals who provided care and comfort to my Dad.”

- Robert C. - 3-2-15

“I was not previously aware of the help and comfort hospice care provided but 'Hospice in His Care' and the 'caregiver' we contracted were excellent.” - Thomas R. - 3-3-15

“...really exceptional.” - Anonymous - 3-6-15

“Y’all were great.” - C. Family - 3-11-15

“Quick availability when there was a problem” – Mary W. – 7-15-15

“They genuinely care about their patients” – Anonymous – 8-27-15

“Cared about placing staff I was comfortable with. All were excellent!” – Charlotte B. – 8-3-15

“Impressed by the care for my brother and respect that was given to him.” – Brad B. – 8-14-15

“Great staff to work with.” – Anonymous – 9-1-15

“Words seem inadequate to express the depth of appreciation we feel for the love and thoughtfulness you have given to our family during our difficult time.” – The Nick E. Family

“Everyone that I talked to and helped my husband in the hospice family was great.” – Patricia St. – 10-6-15

“Great Group! Would use them again in a heartbeat!” – Terri W. – 10-26-15

“The team of Nurses, Aides, Social worker(s) and Chaplains are wonderful at Hospice in his Care.” – Saundra C. – 11-2-15

“Her final team was wonderful and really cared about her.” – Gayle S. – 11-27-15

“Just keep up the good work.” – Dot B. – 9-4-15

“Everyone that was involved (in taking care of my wife) did a great job.” – Ronald T. – 2-16-16

“I was greatly impressed with the entire hospice care team.” – Blake C. – 4-22-16

“They helped me with paperwork, took me to get my husband’s ashes when I didn’t have a way to do it and so much more. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.” – Kathryn M. – 7-28-16

“We will forever be grateful for the level of care that was offered for our father.” – Sarah A. – 9-12-16

“My parents were very happy and very well take care of” – Jane D. – 10-11-16

“I recommend H.I.H.C. to anyone who is in need of hospice care.” – Wendy M. – 9-13-16

“The Agency took care of my mother in 2014 and Dad in 2016. My parents were very happy and well take care of. Love all of the team that helped” – Jane D. – 10-11-16

“Your Hospice in His Care Team went above and beyond in caring for my wife and family.” – Robert S. – 11/15/16

“Your team was amazing. They treated my Mom with such compassion and care and helped her maintain her dignity. For what was a horrible situation, they helped make the process easier.” – Ashley C. – 12-26-16

“What you did for our sister/sister-in-law really made a difference in those last days of her life. Without your care and help from the team, things would have been much more difficult.” - Audrey & Eddy H. - 4-18-17

“The Hospice Team was very good.” - Lisa G. – 1-23-18

“The entire staff was very supportive through the entire journey.” - Keith A. – 1-29-18

“I was very pleased with my mother’s care.” - Karen V. – 2-5-18

“Most caring, loving and supportive people that I have encountered.” - Brenda C. – 3-19-18

“All of the team were kind and helpful.” - Pamela A. – 3-29-18

“We had excellent service from Hospice in His Care.” - Carol L. – 4-9-18

“All members of the team were beyond great.” - Judi L. – 4-23-18

“Our five siblings wish to thank you for the extreme level of compassion and professionalism you gave in the care of our Mother.”

– Glen, Wayne, Tori, Maria & Steven – 4-12-19

“You were our hands and hearts to Dad when we were no longer able to tend to his needs. We are truly thankful to God for the skill and compassion that was shown to our family from yours.”– Edwin D. Family – 5-22-19

“We will NEVER be able to thank you enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness, encouragement, insight, caring and friendship in our hours of greatest need!” – Harry A. Family – 6-19

“Thank you for your compassionate care for our sister. Last year she suffered GREATLY!!! It wasn’t until you took charge of her care that she was at PEACE, without pain. – Clyde L.  and the entire family of Sheila P. – 6-16-19

“A big hug and thank you! “ – The “I” Family - 2019

“I am so glad we chose HIHC (Hospice in is Care) for my sad occasion.” – Betty B. – 2019

“I cannot thank you enough for putting together such an amazing staff. The Lord is the center of your work and it is so evident.”

– The “L” Family – 2019

“We will NEVER be able to thank you enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness, encouragement, insight, caring and friendship in our hours of greatest need! You all truly

represented “His Care” to us. – Kristi H. – 2019

“Thank you for your compassionate care for our sister. Last year she suffered GREATLY!! It wasn’t until you took charge of her care that she was at PEACE, without pain. God bless you” – Clyde L. – 2019

“From consulting with the family to the ending moments, we couldn’t have had a better partner to help us through.” – Angie & Family – 2019


“We know it was only hours that we were a ‘family’ with you, however in that small amount of time, you made us and our father feel loved and cared for.” Pam & Seven Sons – 2019

“Words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for every person from your staff that lovenly helped my mother”.

– Leslie & family – 9-11-19

“Thank you to all those who helped our father.  – Audrey, Pam & Family – 2019

”The compassion all of you showed my entire family did not go unnoticed. We will be referring Hospice in His Care to everyone we know.”

– Adrian – 2019

“You will always be our angels.” – Lizette, Neil, Wilma, Celeste & Families - 2019

Thank you for your very kind, compassionate and heartfelt love for others that need comfort in their time of need.” – Janice N. – 5-26-2020

“Everyone of your employees that came were so caring and kind and really seemed to care no matter what the time of day or night that they were called.” – Betty D. – 5/2020

“We appreciate your services and kindness shown throughout this process.” - Family of Mable W. – 2020

"I've never seen such caring and loving people. The staff was great every step of the way." - Evelyn - 4/2021

"Thank you everyone at Hospice in His Care for the loving care you showed to Mother. You are all beautiful people." - Denise T. - 8-17-2021


" Hospice was a God send to me. I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated what ya'll did for me." - Elizabeth - 2/28/2022


"We are truly grafeful to each of you who provided care and comfort to my husband while in your care." - Sarah J. and Family - 2-2022

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