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Our hospice team treats the whole person. This includes developing a customized plan of care that addresses the unique physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the patient and their families. Pain management and control of symptoms is one aspect of patient treatment, but just as important is teaching the patient how to cope with their illness.

This is the best Hospice group I have ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few). I encourage the owners to take care of their staff because they are top of the line! – David H. - 2/28/13

Our approach to care consists of our team of caregiving professionals, the patient and their families. The involvement of the family in the patients care is vital for successful care for the patient. Hospice in His Care professionals are Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Therapists, Nurse Aides, Chaplains and screened Volunteers. Their responsibilities include the following:

Physician Medical Directors

Our Medical Directors are palliative physicians who have the general medical responsibility for the care of the patient, while working with the patient’s physician and other medical professionals to develop a plan of care that meets the patient’s specific needs. Their chief responsibility requires the oversight of our hospice medical team that will be assisting with care of the patient. Our Medical Directors meet weekly to evaluate the needs of our patients.

Palliative Certified Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses

Our licensed nurses are responsible for the patient’s overall care and management of needs. Nurses visit the patient as often as necessary and make arrangements for medication, equipment and supplies. They also provide support and valuable information to family members on how to care for their loved one.

Certified Nurse Aides

Hospice in His Care Nurse Aides are Certified Nurse Assistants who assist with day-to-day personal care and activities of daily living such as bathing, nail grooming, skin care, mouth care, hair care, etc. Based on the needs of the patient, the service is available up to 7 days a week. Through their regular scheduled visits, the Nurse Aides often become a source of comfort, emotional support and companionship for patients and their families.

Social Workers

Our Hospice in His Care Social Workers are licensed master social workers (LMSW) who have specialized training in life-limiting illness. In the hospice and palliative setting, they help with areas of needs that they identify together with the patient and family. They also address social and psychological needs by providing comfort, information and support to patients and family members through literature and services.

Interfaith Chaplains

Our Catholic and Non-Denominational chaplains offer spiritual support to the patient and their family. They also work in collaboration with the patient and family’s clergy or spiritual advisor. Our chaplains always honor the difference in religious beliefs and backgrounds of our patients. They work closely with the hospice physicians, nurses, social workers and certified nurse aides as an important team member providing the finest possible care for our patients.

Bereavement Coordinators

Bereavement support is offered by our team to address the various phases of grief and acceptance. Direct contact and support is offered to families of the deceased patient for at least one year after the death with written communication, support meeting information and personal contact if requested. Our Bereavement Coordinators are also available to address any concerns or feelings family members of the deceased may express any time after the patient’s death

Screened Volunteers

The Hospice in His Care Volunteer is a dedicated individual that has previous experience with hospice or has expressed an interest in being part of the hospice support team. Our compassionate volunteers are screened prior to representing Hospice in His Care. Volunteer service may include, but is not limited to: patient companionship, light housekeeping, errands, yard work, laundry and office work.

Your Own Physician

The patient’s personal physician plays a very important role in working with our hospice team to develop and carry out the patient’s plan of care. For this reason, whenever possible we encourage the patient’s personal physician to participate in the care provided by Hospice in His Care. The personal physician will work in concert with the Hospice in His Care Medical Directors. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL PHYSICIAN.

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